My opinion 


I am in favor that the  alcohol should be illegal, because in my opinion the alcohol is very bad to our body’s health. The alcohol is dangerous for our’s life, it can damage a lot our body, like the liver and brain. People die because of the alcohol, also people have accidents because of it.

 Your idea is that people likes to consume alcohol in the party but people are not awarenes of the impact of alcohol. In a year 3.3 million of people die because of diases that cause the alcohol, and 1500 people die because of accidents cause of it. 

A lot of people die because of the alcohol, it is bad to the brain, liver and for all the body. You are the responsible of your acts, save your body, say no to the alcohol


Description of crime

Type of crime: Murder

Criminal: Harold Shipman

Detective in charge: John Smith

Victims: Marie West, Irene Turner, Lizzie Adams, Kathleen Wagsatff.

Motif: People that he don’t like or people with serious problems.

Dates of crime: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1997

Place: Donneybrook House Hospital

Trial and sentencing: The trial judge sentenced him to 15 concurrent life sentences. The trial take long 6 days.

Criminal’s biography

Birth: 14 of January 1946, Nottingham (England)

Family information: His mum died of a cancer to the long. His wife was Primorse. His son was Sarah.

Occupation: Doctor

Turning points in their life: His mum’s died

Traces of signature they left at crime scenes: Dr. Linda Reynolds of the brook surgery in Hyde says that he kill people intentionally. He murder with morphine.

How they were caught: The police goes inside of his house and caught him 

Conviction and death: he committed a sucide 

Physical elements: He was tall, with a lot of beard, very formal, he used glasses and with black and white hair.

Description of psychological elements: he was crazy, all his victims was persons that he don’t like, he was intelligent.

Detective’s biography

Birth: England, Nottingham, 8 of August 1956

Traces they found at crime scenes: he found morphine near a person that Harold murder

How they caught the criminals: they go inside to the house of the criminal 

Interview dialogue ( Harold Shipman )

John Smith the detective
Harold Shipman the criminal 

 John: Ok, Harold, you went over the limits, your crime is terrible. This is gonna be easy if you speak.

 Harold: I don’t gonna say nothing ( he threw a spit) 

John: You are crazy ! You’ll regret of the thing that you did ( punching him ) 

Harold: do me all the things that you can, but I will never go to speak 

John: I’m not so sure of that ( with a scary voice )

 Harold: No? How you now that, I repeat you that I don’t gonna speak never!

 John: You can’t shout me, speak, speak!

 Harold: Ok,ok I will say you all

 John: Yes, that is I like to hear ( laughing ) 

Harold: I don’t do anything I receive instructions 

John: That is not real, say the real thing if you don’t want to stay 30 years in prison, I repeat that you are a murderer and I have to arrest you if you don’t speak.

 Harold: 30 years? You can,t do that 

John: No? I only say one word and you can be arrested and stay there all your life.

 Harold: I don’t do anything I’am innocent 

 John: be realist, you made a terrible crime, you murder more than 200 of people.

 Harold: that is not real 

John: We now all and if you don’t speak you will be in a cell by 20 years more or 30!

 Harold: (laughing)

 John: Say me all that you did or you have to accept the consequences 

Harold: I don’t remember nothing 

John: speak! ( with a gun ) 

Harold: ok, ok! I murder all of that persons that you investigate

 John: Yes! I know that! You was lying 

Harold: now I can go home 

John: what? ( laughing ) 

Harold: if I can home 

John: No,no yo have to say me how you murder your patients ( which a gun )

 Harold: With morphine,when my patients were sleeping I put the morphine in their body’s ( recording )

 John: why yo do that 

Harold: because was patients that I don’t like or people with serious problems

 John: Harold Shipman you are arrested because of murder people innocent

 Harold: No, no! But I say you all, no! You are a lier

 John: come with me

Our first blogging

Blanca estela 1618,vina del mar

23 of march 2015cartas

Miami, alton rd.

Dear John,

I liked very much your last letter. It was great to hear you from so many much. I enter the 3 of march to my college The Mackay School. I liked very much when this year start. How is the life on Miami, how is your new work. I now that you are living in a big house near to the sea. This year my dad said that I will visited you in the summer. I like a lot your house, my dad shows me it in a photo. In the school in the first of the school I met a friend so funny, his name is Felipe. I have a new dog so cute, it is a pastor aleman and it calls Rocky. I play a lot with it, it have a lot of energy, it is liked a red bull jajaja. My dad said that he sends you greetings. My dad buy a new house and another house in Lago Ranco it is fantastic, also he buy 3 motorbikes. I hope to see you soon Ignacio

Diary entry


Dear diary,

5 days ago I was in the forest looking for something to eat. I found a big dog and I knewthat it was my dinner. I walk in silence, I was next it and I jumped, I catch it and I bit it. It was a very big food. Then I go to my house because I did not sleep during 3 days. I was waked up by my friend, I did not knew why he was there, he said that his house has been destroyed by a car, I did not understand what he was saying, he explain me that in a accident a car crashed with his house, he stay in my house. At 12 o’ clock I went to the forest for something to eat, I saw a big rabbit it was a delicious food, I walk in silence but it was hited by a motorcicle, it was server, I bit him and I said that it was delicious, it was a wonderful food.

Ignacio Kaplan

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Godlike report

theseusThis report is of Theseus. The princess Ariadna was fell in love with Theseus, and he helped to kill the minotaur. His dad is Egeo , there is another that says that his dad is Poseidon. He lived in Atenas. Theseus was a mithycal king of Atenas. He says that he has two dads, Egeo and Poseidon. When he was a child he already shows his qualitis of a hereo. His mom was Etra. In Atenas he was recived like a hereo.

81 words.